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HeHe XD [03 Jul 2008|01:16pm]

Your Quirk Factor: 85%

You're beyond quirky... You're downright bizarre.

You've lost touch with social norms and what's appropriate. And you're loving every minute of it!

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Writer's Block: The Bad Habit [27 Jun 2008|07:48pm]
Talk about a habit that you just cannot break.
My bad habit? Belching every time i take a swig of fizzy...then trying to belch the entire alphabet..
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Silent Hill 4... [05 Jun 2008|12:22am]
I recently re-played SH4, after neglecting it for several months....and i noticed some of the funniest moments id ever come across:

1. When Henry Townshend (main guy), comes across this woman who's dying, he says "are you okay?" Well, what do you think, moose-brain? Of course she's not OK?!

2. If you hit the patient monsters in the hospital, they make the most funny burping noise. (It's even more fun if you do it in front of a flight of stairs, they belch the whole way down, priceless)

3.If get close enough to the giant head in the "Hospital World", it goes cross eyed.

4. In "Apartment World", this guy falls 50ft from a roof, lands on his face and just says "ow, damnit" daft git

5. If you stare out the apartments windows at certain points in the game, a decapitated head falls past the window. (funny because its face looks like: o-O) First time i played this i kept repeating: "that...is a man's...heeeaad..." my mom thought it was priceless.

So for a horror game, its got a giggle or 5 stashed away in there...
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....*yawn* [28 May 2008|09:25pm]
Geh, im exausted. Recently i was put on anti-depressents to help with my increasing crying-fits, and while they seem to be helping, thier having an additional side effect or three..I cant get to sleep until past 4 am..and when i do get to sleep, i wake a few hours later, feeling about to be sick.. Ugh, this is gonna take some getting used to...
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Writer's Block: "Nothing Sharpens Sight Like Envy" [24 Mar 2008|01:18am]
What quality in your closest friend are you most envious of and why?
I envy my friends ability to stay calm and sort out problems that i always panic about!
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long time no get-off-lazy-ass-and-post-in-journal...see? ::wheeze:: [22 Mar 2008|12:09pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

Been gone ages, i know >.< but to clarify things; heres a spazzy timeline to cover it all:

October: Get Job at an insurance place. Have to wear suit. blegh.

November: Temp contract finished, out of job. However, now possess shiny new laptop. Promptly installed games on it.

December: Xmas! w00t! (windows vista is taking the piss-ta, ass backwards OS)

January: (beguinning of) Old PC starts displaying signs of computer senility.
(end of) Start new job at a bank.
Vista: still doesnt know its ass from its elbow. (if it had any...)

Febuary: Buy external HD, as old PC losing its marbles. Damn thing wasnt cheap.

March: FINALLY get round to setting up wireless intarwebs. (YEY) Also, bought a Wii, RE: Umbrella Chronicles f**king owns! xD *fangirl* weskers got a nice arse...
Vista: ^&%*%!!! Im gonna go shove bill gates head up his rear for this one...

The days inbetween: read yaoi, buy too much manga/anime/mini pizzas. Damn those things are good...

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Oops...xD [08 Aug 2007|08:41pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Last week, my sister dragged me out to see that new Hairspray movie. I made the mistake of buying one of those Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Milkshakes and drinking it before going into movie. Said milkshake proceeeds to give me a somewhat lurchy stomach. End result: Me burping my way through the WHOLE movie, thus breaking my current record of "no. of burps per hour". Didn't help I kept laughing between semi-silent burps. My sister was glaring at me the whole time. SO embarassing, yet funny somehow.

But it doesnt end there, hoo no. After movie, desperatly needed toilet. Toilet cubicles were those annoying skinny claustrophobic types. Get stuck trying to fit self and bag round door, get self free, and wind up the performance by banging my head into the door when closing it. Woman washing her hands at washbasin laughing her head off. It wasnt my butt that got me stuck, it was the massive backpack i insist on carrying XD. Im skinny as a yard stick, honest!

Not done yet. Having drunk such a large amount of liquid, it seemed bladder had turned into mary-poppins style bag in terms of capacity. Once im done my sister, whose in the stall next to me says, LOUDLY: "god, where do you store all that?!" People outside laugh loudly.

Were going to see Transformers on friday...remind me to stay the hell away from those milkshakes! XD

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Fart Jokes.... [22 Jun 2007|01:42am]
[ mood | giggly ]

I was on YouTube and seen this funny Family Guy clip, and found out that fart jokes STILL make me laugh. Im cackling like a loon here:


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Lesson time... [12 Jun 2007|10:21pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Heres an oxymoron for you: "Restricted Freedom".

My birthday is...10 days away (22nd June). Instead of the usual, nice, normal ritual of them asking what i want and where to find it...they've done something weird this year.

See, my older sister's laptop, the poor overworn thing, gave out just a month ago, kept resetting itself over and over. It lost it's marbles basically. So sis has decided to at long last buy a new one. Parents decided to give her about £300 (roughtly $500), to help get a new one, IF she wanted to use the money for that.

Nothing to do with me, or so id hoped. Sadly they got the diea to do the same for me. Dont get me wrong, i was happy at first. Until i found out the money has more terms and conditions attached to it then a software liscence. I can't spend it on any of the following: Books, Anime CD imports, Games, DVDs....the list goes on. Heck, i even had my own FATHER threaten me if he caught me breaching said terms.


You tell me.....

Because i'd rather have them forget the whole thing. Better Unrestriced Empty Wallet, then Chained Up Cash.

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[12 May 2007|12:51am]
This song will be stuck in my brain for weeks. Yes its camper than a row of pink tents, but its addictive~
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[02 May 2007|08:30pm]
Me = tired. x_X so sleepeh...and sleep is GOOD. I'm so tired i could fall asleep on this very keybjhfgbghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-
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HAHA! XD [24 Apr 2007|12:23am]
[ mood | giggly ]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMvAzYH1xHM <--Resident Evil flash animation, with that annoying-but-funny Numa Numa song. Watch it if ye like the series, i laughed my ass off!! XD

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w00t! [02 Apr 2007|05:23pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

The CD arrived today, far earlier than i had expected, but i aint complaining, it kicks ass!~ *hugs CD* whee~

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YAY! [30 Mar 2007|07:46pm]
My CD was dispatched on wednesday, here's hoping it arrives soon! ^__^
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OMFGYAY [16 Mar 2007|08:34pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

XD I have been absent from LJ for the last week due to the silly fact that i forgot to tell anyone: I sent my comp down the repair shop. After it started displaying somewhat narcoleptic tendancies (Narcolepsy is where you fall asleep often at the most bizzare times), i got my dad to lug it down the shop.

o_O Also hadda ask him to pay for the repairs, given i have no money, certainly not the £35 it cost to fix the narco-loopy thing. EItehrway, its back, and boy am i happy~ =D I can finally play-RE3-again/SilkroadOnline/Music/Bug-people-on-aim/Watch-way-too-much-Rockman.exe/read-too-much-yaoi once again. *waves flag* hehe...

Before it developed its narco-loopy problem, i managed to order a CD ive been looking forward too since i heard about its release:

Rockman.Exe Vocal album, a CD release of all the OP and ED themes (some TV size only as full vers never came out). I was originally gonna order all the OP and ED singles on their own once i got the cash, but this worked out much cheaper XD, only $30 (£16).

So yeah, thats why im broke, i spent the cash i'd saved on ordering that CD. Oopsie.

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holy freakin' crap... [02 Feb 2007|09:29pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

O_O Silent Hill 2 = Freakeh as HELL. Pyramidheadscaredthelivingdaylightsouttamekthnxbai.

I seen this thing which was a pair of legs and an ass, with its upper body being a pair of legs an' an ass too...decided to kick its arse, but which one? it had two..XD

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yay! [29 Jan 2007|12:48am]

took me ages...but i finished it! *grin*
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New game...~ [15 Jan 2007|12:37am]
I picked up a game from the local store having read a few reviews about it. Plus it happened to be one of CAPCOMs games, and i love thier stuff~ ^_^ *hugs her Resident Evil/Megaman X/Battle Network games*

Said game is called Haunting Ground (or Demento in JPN), and bloody hell its freaky. The room with those marrionettes hanging everywhere just freaked me out...i like scary games, and this is totally weird, but thats good XD now if i could just do something about that damn freak that keeps chasing me throughout the game...
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oh. shite. [12 Jan 2007|10:59pm]
The nerves are back, my hands won't stop shaking, my throats hurts and i cant think straight for the headaches...its gotten progressively worse.

Tried playing PS2, but even on Resident Evil 4, one im usually a class-a shot in, i couldnt aim, my hands locked up.

Theres no point in going to a doctor, i already know its stress, i just can't deal with it.
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[09 Jan 2007|09:06pm]
[ mood | scared ]

I don't know whats the matter with me, the last few days ive had cramps, nausea, headaches, usually the symptoms of the "Monthly" girl thing...but nothings shown itself.

I can't stop worrying about so much, my mother could stand to lose her job, and every minuite of the day its all i ever hear about.
She wants me to help, but i can only do so much.

Theyre worried about money, yet mom says she'll help pay for any college stuff i need.

She...shouldnt have to....i should have a job by now, but i failed again this year.

Every time i check my status as far as money goes, i feel worse, im gonna be in trouble soon, i need more equipment, but i cant afford it. I don't even know if i passed my exam at college.

Even now, my chest is hurting and i cant breathe properly, i feel sick...this has happened the last 3 days, why all of a sudden?! I don't have time after college to go see a doctor, and i cant afford any new medication if i did go..

I cant sleep, i could barely keep awake in class today, my head was killing me, but i cant miss any work, its bad enough i had to take a week off because of some flu i caught...everytime my older sister comes over, she has a go at me about not getting a job, and to rub it in, gloats about her job at the hospital.

....whats going on?!

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[06 Dec 2006|09:01pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

I'm starting to wonder if i'm going crazy, or something...most people look forward to christmas right? Then WHY am i getting a distnctly bad feeling every time it's mentioned, plus no matter how often people ask what i want, i don't wanna think about it.

.....i failed at getting a job again this year, presents are the LAST thing i wanna think about....plus my mothers weird behavior is worrying me...one second she asks me to give her a list of what i want, then she turns around and has a go at me for screwing up on the job front again...i'm too afraid to approach her on the christmas issue, and to be honest, i dont care.

.......I just want mom to act like she used to, not always angry...but thats the one present i know i'll never get, shes become so obsessed about making sure i turn out like my older sister....

I rememebr last week, she helped me make pastry biscuits...that was one of the rare times she stopped and did something with me...she sleeps during the day..and by the time i get back from college at about 5:00, shes rushing about getting ready for her night-job at 7:30, until 2:00 a.m...i mikss her.

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whee! [04 Dec 2006|10:03pm]
[ mood | creative ]

i made a little mascot! ^_^ its meiru-chan from rockman.exe~

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changed it again.... [30 Oct 2006|09:48pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Hehe~ another cutesy layout, barrel and netto this time, slightly wider then the previous, easier ta read..@_@

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You know you're bored when.... [29 Oct 2006|12:24am]
[ mood | amused ]

....you do a loud belch every time you see a police car/ambulance.

..im gonna run outta cola at this rate XD.

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BWAAHAHAHA~ [27 Oct 2006|12:50am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

<td align="center">You are 40% normal


You not normal. In fact, you are a weirdo. Although you still have the potential to fool people into thinking you are normal. They will certainly be in for a rude awakening none the less.

Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com</td>

Yess, i'm not normal, vw00t!
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durr...police van.. [04 Oct 2006|10:06pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

XDD i seen somethign somewhat silly today. First, when i was almost home, i seen a police CAR go tearing down one of the streets...then, a few seconds later, a police VAN zipped past on a different road, driven by two morons that were definatly NOT police.

I was like "WTF?! they nicked a police van?!" nutters.

Dumbest car thieves possible..of ALL the vehicles they couldve nicked..they hadda go nick a POLICE van. Nobody'll notice that. >_> *saracsm*

Mom thought they were undercover cops, but then we realised whatd be the point of going under cover only to drive a whopping big van with "POLICE" stamped on it. I think i've had too much sugar for today...

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Burp.. [28 Sep 2006|01:38am]
Had a laugh the last day, me and this other guy having a burping contest, then we tried to see how far we could get in belching the alphabet...neither of us could get further then "F"..XD

...yes i know its not ladylike, and i dont care! XD "Better out then in" is my excuse...plus i like being just plain immature sometimes! XP
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[24 Sep 2006|09:34pm]
Hehe, just seen ANOTHER of those silly little "mary-sue comm" haters, and good god, this ones dumber then the last one, which was pretty dumb to start with.

They can whine all they like, they won't win, theyre just fun to watch....griping and calling us all "stupid fuckers" won't get any response save laughter, im STILL sniggering at the latest effort these morons have made.

Who here thinks these people must be the limit of stupid not to ealise thier efforts are getting them nowhere?

mwehe~ ^^
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OH blegh... [18 Sep 2006|10:22pm]
[ mood | sick ]

God damn you-know-what (if ya a girl you'll know) started this this morning, i spent most of my morning throwing up, and even now, with a heavy dose of pain-killers in me, i still feel like all holy crap, but sadly got work to finish so thats why im sat at my computer feeling like im gonna barf on powerpoint..

Worse still? Got college tomorrow, 9 till fucking 5...i am NOT looking forward to this. -_- urgh..

hehe, forgot to mention before...my TRF CD arrived like...over a week ago, i love this song~

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Fun is.. [02 Sep 2006|09:04pm]
...sneaking into moms room to nab a pair of socks, sneaking out and proclaiming loudly "I am the sock ninja!" before tripping over a shoe.
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