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22 June 1987
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*pokes* whatchoo staring at? xD
I'm the owner of this loopy journal, i be Kez! I LOVE RP, and take every oppertunity i get to start a text-based RP. Im a huge Yaoi fan, and enjoy writing fanfics for all my faveourite shows. I spend a LOT of time on my two PCS:

PC #1: Beast
Type: Desktop PC
Age: 6 Years Old.
Info: My graphics machine, its the only one of the two with Photoshop and a decent scanner and printer attached, thus it gets used to process and colour my DeviantArt submissions before i move them to PC#2 for upload to the internet. Named Beast because of its sheer hulking size, that and it growls sometimes when its got a lot of work going.

PC #2: The Farking Arsehat
Type: Laptop PC
Age: 1 Year (1st dec!)
Info: It was named Arsehat due to its way of acting like one. It routinely throws a hissy fit when asked to do something it doesnt feel like, and has been a regular displyer of teh BSoD. Its a Vista, so dont be surprised. ARSEHAT is the only machine that can competantly handdle wireless, Beast just goes AWOL. I still havent gotten used to the keybaord layout, so typos ahoy! XD
But it does have its good points, its runs the games i like, so its let off on a minor charge of being a goit now and again.

Special talent: Can belch the alphabet on a SINGLE can of soda.


Cya! *poofles* more abotu me on my card:

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User Number: 1999107
Date Created:2004-01-25
Number of Posts: 260

Clumsy but defensive, she's liable to go all out war on some poor persons hiene if its to protect her friends! She reads nothing but anime and manga, and is a fanfic writer for Yu-Gi-Oh and Naruto. Mary-Sue hater. Has a bit of an attitude towards bullies and people that harm others intentionally, and will never forgive if they harm someone she cares for.
Strengths: Quick to kick butt, easily pleased, never backs down if she can help it. Values her friends above anything.
Weaknesses: Short temper, sometimes arrogant. Gets carried away on random sprees, usually by her friends.
Special Skills: Kicking long range, managing to whack people when they least expect it, fighting with people bigger than her, typing over 3 chaps of fanfic a day.
Weapons: Whatevers handy, prefers poles and short range bars for whacking perverts with. Or one of her Graphic Novels.
Kaiba Fangirl: Ultimate!

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